NRSA, Entryism and persecution by the Liberal University Establishment

There has been talk amongst founders and associates of the New Right Students Association on the way forward for our emerging group. How will we deal with those who try to stop us? How will we deal with attacks? What is the best way forward for a student with an interest in the New Right? These are all questions that must be considered.

What should be noted from the outset is that the present structure of the Universities/Colleges around the Western world are not set up for a group like the New Right Students Association to have an “easy ride”, in fact, they will do just about anything to stop us. Any affiliates of the NRSA are advised to put their education first, to not do anything stupid, to not respond to insults or attacks, and to build up numbers, quietly and with as little fuss as possible. If you put a target on your back, those trying to stop us will go for it.

It should also be noted that it is highly unlikely in the forseeable future that any branch of the NRSA should have official recognition by Universities as a legitimate students group. Not until we have considerable numbers and weight behind us, only then can we possibly force them to accept us. Until then, we should expect no friends from anyone.

There are a number of different ways that you can go about spreading the ideas of the New Right on campus. You can try and set up an official NRSA branch, though thats probably not adviseable at the outset. To begin with, we’d suggest:

1) Entryism, or forms thereof: You can join an existing students group, one where sympathetic individuals may be found. Any conservative group could fill this role. Join the group and quietly spread our ideas. Hand out books, talk, network. Once you have found some likeminded people then consider going off on your own.

2) Misdirection: Form a group with a harmless name, perhaps something like: European Literature Study group, or something similar. Or, the “European History and Culture group”. From there, you have a legititmate group that History professors will be happy to support in your quest for official recognition. Find others like you, study authors like Sunic, de Benoist, Southgate, Faye, Evola, Guenon. Dont worry if takes a while to get going, the right people will find you.

We all must remember that anything Right of centre is racist and extremist in the eyes of liberal Universities, i have heard cases in Australia where “anti-racist activists” have demolished the stalls of Young Liberals (the main “conservative” party in opposition to the current government).

Every affiliate of the New Right Students Association is encouraged to keep a cool head, not expect a revolution over night, but to quietly go about their work seeking as little attention as possible to begin with. Seek out like minded people and remind yourself that your in the business of educating people. Never forget; your degree is the most important thing possible, do not risk getting kicked out of your course.

Also, do not be deterred by the seeming invincibility of the liberal establishment and their opposition to Traditionalists. This youtube video presents excerpts from Julius Evola’s “Ride the Tiger”, a superb book for Traditionalists:

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NRSA revised Manifesto

The Manifesto of the New Right Students Association has been revised and updated. It was the collective opinions of the founders of our group that the old Manifesto did not entirely represent our agenda and stategy. We feel that the current Manifesto is a true and accurate representation of our beliefs.

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Introduction to the New Right Students Association


The New Right has an interest in various strands of thought including that of the paleoconservatives, nationalists and the ‘Nouvelle Droit’ and is organised throughout Europe and beyond.

At this moment, the Left has a seemingly unshakable grip on all our institutions, not least our universities. This poses a huge threat to diversity of thought and intellectual rigor.

Left-wing politics are often framed in terms of morality. Right-wing thinkers are regularly accused of moral bankruptcy and inhumanity. While there is a prevailing belief that Right-wing thinking is amoral, any challenge to Left-wing hegemony can be summarily dismissed. This imbues a sense of self-righteous fervour which crowds out all forms of balanced discussion.

Since the vast majority of academics are Left-wing, there is a dearth of Right-wing thought at universities and we are left with a stagnant atmosphere of one-dimensionality where fundamental assumptions are left unchallenged.


* Re-establish a credible, intellectual, alternative to Left-Liberalism on campus.

* Expose the Left’s fraudulent moralism and break their monopoly on political virtue

* Redress Ideological imbalance, stimulate intellectual rigor, re-enable intellectual history to function as a conflict process

* Defend and revive the pillars of Western Civilization

* Ensure that Left- and Right-wing thinkers rely on one another for criticism and inspiration

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